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Modern Quilting offers computerized long arm quilting to finish your quilt tops! We sew with an Innova Classic 26, with full robotics. We offer edge-to-edge quilting at $.0275 per square inch. To figure this cost, multiply one side by the other side to find square inches. Then, multiply by .0275 and that is your cost. For example, a quilt that is 40" x 50" is 2000 square inches, and that would be $55.00

Additional services available at an additional charge include:

  • trimming - we can trim the excess off after quilting for $10-$15 depending on size.
  • pieced back - if you want us to piece your back, it's $10 per seam.
  • binding - $2.50/linear foot if binding is prepared, $3.50/linear foot if we have to prepare it.
Our typical turnaround is about 3-4 weeks once we have the quilt in our possession. We offer Quilter's Dream batting in 4 different types. Lightweight cotton (request), mid-weight cotton (select), mid-weight 80% Cotton/20% poly blend (80/20), and a lofty wool. We have a large library of quilting designs available, and source our designs from You can choose from one of the many designs available there, or we can choose a design for you. We use Glide, Superior, and Innovatech threads in a variety of colors.

Before sending us your quilt or bringing it in, please make sure that:

  • Your quilt top is neat, pressed, and trimmed of excess threads
  • Your backing is at least 4" bigger than your quilt on all sides. For example, if your quilt measures 60" x 60", your backing should measure at least 68" x 68."
  • If your quilt and/or quilt back is directional, please make sure the top edge is clearly marked.

Click here to download our intake form. Please print this form and include it with your quilt when you mail it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the shop at 602-710-1771 and one of our friendly, helpful staff can answer any questions you might have!